About Us

Street Military, the Houston based underground rap group, is by far one of the best to emerge from the streets of Texas. Original members include KB, Flea, Pharoah, Icy Hott, and Nut. Dubbed as Houstons answer to NWA, their thought provoking and social justice littered songs became the new flavor of music until they too were devastated by what their music talked about. One member was shot and killed during an unprovoked drive by shooting and another convicted of aggravated assault and sentenced to 50 years imprisonment during the recording of their debut LP, Steel Gangstaz. Since then, 2 of the remaining group members ( KB & FLEA) have come back together to create their own label, Street Military LLC. Starting over and building from the ground up as CEO's, their next mission is the successful release of the most highly anticipated album of their career; Black Royalty.